20 Of The Easiest Handmade Accessories To Try This Year

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Regardless of how far you are in your creative journey and how experienced a crafter you are, it’s always fun to get inspiration. Today, I thought it would be fun to look back on some handmade accessories from the Creative Fashion Blog archives just in case you missed them!

Each tutorial comes with step by step photos to walk you through the process and several even have printable patterns and templates to make the DIY as easy as possible. Enjoy!

The simple circle purse tutorial is the perfect handmade accessory to add to your closet. The design comes with two exterior pockets that are spacious enough to hold the largest iphone, recipets, and even a small wallet. The inside contains one large storage compartment large enough for everything else you’ll need during the day.

When you are done with this circle bag project, you’ll have an adorable purse you can use every day and some new skills you can keep in your back pocket. SEE THE TUTORIAL HERE.

The ultimate guide to bag making

This super simple DIY business card wallet is the perfect project if you are a beginner at sewing and even comes with a FREE printable pdf pattern!

I designed this DIY wallet to be ultra-slim, super-simple to make, and above all, convenient to carry. When I used to host pop-up boutiques and had a small accessory line, these wallets were some of my top sellers. At the time, I created them from recycled bicycle inner tubes and they were the perfect alternative to chunky unisex wallets. Today, I’ll be encouraging you to make this from a faux suede or faux leather instead of a dead creature. It’s cheaper to make that way anyways. 😉 SEE THE TUTORIAL HERE.

These DIY wire wrapped rings are surprisingly simple to make and are perfect for the absolute beginner jewelry-maker!

What I love most about these handmade accessories is that you can make so many at a time. Give some to friends or make them in different sizes and wear several at a time for a boho-layered look. The stacked wire layers in the back can be separated for a bigger presence on your finger or kept tightly wound for a more delicate look.

Add stones in different sizes and colors to create interesting and completely new looks. This project is easy to complete on a quiet afternoon and make great, thoughtful gifts. SEE THE TUTORIAL HERE.

DIY Wire wrapped Rings

In this tutorial, we’ll be making a boho-style, DIY fringe bag out of a straw kitchen placemat! This is seriously the easiest DIY purse tutorial you have ever seen.

You can get this project completed in under 30 minutes, takes inexpensive supplies, and looks unique when you’re finished. Sounds perfect right? SEE THE FULL TUTORIAL HERE.

Who doesn’t love the soft, buttery texture of neoprene? This easy neoprene tote bag is the perfect tutorial if you’re just getting started sewing, have never worked with neoprene before, or are simply in the mood for a quick project.

The large, exterior pocket is roomy enough to hold it’s own full size notebooks, a tablet, or folders. The inside is spacious enough to hold large binders, a full size laptop, and anything else you may need throughout the day. Above all, I think the best part about this little tote is it’s minimalist lines and streamlined design. SEE THE FULL TUTORIAL HERE.

These DIY wire rings are super-simple to make and are perfect for the absolute beginner! What I love most about these handmade accessories is that you can make so many at a time. Give some to friends or make them in different sizes and wear several at a time for a boho-layered look. The stacked wire layers in the back can be separated for a bigger presence on your finger or kept tightly wound for a more delicate look. SEE THE FULL TUTORIAL HERE.

In this tutorial, I took the same steps and applied them in slightly different ways to different hat shapes and hat materials to show you how versatile this project can really be. Don’t be afraid to experiment and think outside the box! After all, isn’t that what makes DIY so much fun to begin with? MAKE YOUR OWN HERE.

This messenger bag tutorial can be switched up to make large bags, small bags, laptop bags, tall and skinny passport holders…… you name it. This DIY messenger bag is completely customizable to suit whatever you can think of. Don’t you just love that? For this tutorial, I opted for a boho/ western vibe since I’m on a fringe bag kick lately and made it out of a buttery faux suede. SEE THE TUTORIAL HERE.

Don’t you just love stacking wire rings? However, it seems impossible to find just the right size to create a pretty little coordinating collection that doesn’t suffocate your hand or slip off in between your knuckles. My recommendation? Make your own! These handmade accessories come with a simple tutorial will walk you through the easy process to make your own DIY dainty stacking wire rings in just a few minutes with only a few supplies. SEE THE FULL TUTORIAL HERE.

Have you ever pictured the exact piece of jewelry that you’d love to have…. only to realize it hasn’t been made yet? Today’s DIY stone bracelets were born this way. Granted, there a ton of crystal beaded bracelets out there, but I wanted stacking ones made of 2 particular stones. I wanted bracelets made of Aventurineand Tigers Eye with just a few Clear Quartz sprinkled in. MAKE YOUR OWN WITH THE TUTORIAL HERE.

Like so many of you guys, I absolutely love the look of all the woven purses in stores lately. A woven purse is perfectly casual, matches almost anything, and perfectly bohemian.

So why don’t we DIY one today? Since weaving our own wicker fabrics would be too time consuming and technical, I thought up an easier alternative. Why don’t  we make our DIY woven purse out of placemats! SEE THE FULL HANDMADE ACCESSORIES TUTORIAL HERE.

This DIY scrunchie is my favorite way to use up scraps of fabric, save your hair, and sleep more comfortably. I know… that’s a bold statement to make about a hair tie. But hear me out. I’m always looking for ways to tweak my hair care routine and make it easier and more effective. You wouldn’t believe how many things I have tried that won’t make it onto Creative Fashion Blog! This tutorial however, is amazing.

Just like sleeping on the silk pillowcase we made last year has been proven to smooth your strands and make your night cream more effective, a silk scrunchie will not break or damage your hair in your sleep. They make for the perfect handmade accessories!

The reason? Since silk won’t wick moisture away, your hair will be softer, healthier, and stronger. The wide band also helps prevent ugly kinks when you take your hair out and isn’t nearly as damaging as a rubber hair tie. Bonus!

Softer, stronger hair without the kinks! 

The even-better part? Making your own DIY scrunchie is a super simple sewing project. You honestly could do it all with a hand sewing needle if you wanted to with the free printable pattern included in this project. Ready to begin? SEE THE FULL TUTORIAL HERE.

This leather wallet pattern is perfect for storing receipts, coins, tiny collectibles, paper-clips, or the many sd cards that seem to take over your office desk drawers. The finished size is about 3″ on each side and perfect for carrying small items.

These adorable triangular pouches are super-simple to make, totally versatile, and can be completed in ten minutes. Yup…. you read that correctly. You can bust out these no-sew leather wallet pattern in under ten minutes. SEE THE FULL TUTORIAL HERE

In this simple tutorial, we’ll be learning how to sew a loop scarf in under 20 minutes. Really. Since this project is so quick and easy to complete, it also makes for an easy handmade gift. Make one for you…and then one for a friend. 😉 SEE THE FULL TUTORIAL HERE

You’ve worked pretty hard for your hair to be healthy and strong. You might use a DIY protein hair maskevery once in awhile and even spritz your hair with Moisturizing Serum Spray each morning. After all that extra love and attention it makes no sense to hold it up with a basic bobby pin. Nope. Your hair deserves the extra love and attention you’ve shown the rest of your closet. That’s where this handmade accessory comes in…..

These gorgeous crystal hair pins are the perfect handmade accessories. Use just one to pull your hair back or add even more detail by stacking several into a sock bun. These DIY hair pins can be used just like any traditional bobby pin but garner more compliments.

Ready to make some? SEE THE FULL DIY HERE.

These earrings come with a totally free printable template with three teardrop sizes so you can choose what style suits you best. You can also use the template to stack the leather to create different tiers, layer them, or create unique waterfall effects. Being free to come up with your own designs is part of the fun after all!

Perhaps my favorite thing about leather earrings is how they can create a big statement yet be so incredibly lightweight. Leather is so versatile and since you can make so many different sets and styles from a small piece of craft leather, they are relatively inexpensive to make as well. Make one for you…. and one for a friend! SEE THE FULL TUTORIAL HERE.

This basic purse-making tutorial will walk you through how to make a fully-lined, structured tote in a short afternoon. This bag is the perfect every-day bag and is large enough to carry everything you need. I love how straight-forward the pattern is and how polished this leather tote looks when you’re done. Hopefully you will like it too! SEE THE FULL TUTORIAL HERE.

In this tutorial I thought it would be fun to take some old, basic bangles and turn them into something truly unique by wrapping them to create a colorful watch. You can make this totally unique and gift-worthy bracelet in about an hour. I love how simple this project is and how fun it turns out!

For this boho chic bracelet watch tutorial, I decided to stick with colors I wear often. That’s the fun of DIY right? Deep reds, silver, and brown and pretty “safe” hues but still bring warmth to an otherwise neutral outfit.

I believe that on days when you’re not feeling your best, something magical happens when you put on statement jewelry. They elevate a basic t-shirt to something extraordinary, give you a boost in confidence and make you feel more elevated instantly. Because if you have to get dressed every day, let’s make it fun shall we? SEE THE FULL TUTORIAL HERE.

For awhile now I have had this image of the perfect clutch in my head but haven’t been able to find one. So for this tutorial, I thought I’d make one with you! This DIY clutch is roomy enough to fit everything you need (even a laptop and sketchbook) while still looking amazing. It takes only a few materials and can be sewn in less than an hour. SEE THE FULL TUTORIAL HERE.

When it comes to earrings, I say the bigger the better. The only problem is finding quality, statement earrings that are both comfortable and lightweight. That’s where this DIY Leather Feather Earrings come in. I love the casual bohemian aesthetic and textures.  Sometimes, you can never really have too much of a good thing.

To complete this project, you don’t really need much. Set aside about 30 minutes to put them together and you’ll have some brand new handmade accessories in no time. SEE THE FULL TUTORIAL HERE.

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