Cactus Pillow

This cuddly cactus pillow comes prick-free! Just choose your favorite fabrics from our Hancock Fabrics page and we’ll show you how to stitch up your own. It’s all in our instructions – including the pattern – so read below and make it!

Project Note:For this project, all seam allowances should be ½”.Tape the tiled sheets together to reassemble the pattern, making sure to match up all the lines.TIP: You can find the option for tiling your pattern in your printer settings. Tile printing lets you print out a design that’s larger than an 8½” x 11″ piece of paper (like this pattern), by breaking it up into multiple sheets that can be taped together to recreate the full image.  
Select two coordinating fabrics and, with right sides pinned together, cut the pattern from both pieces of fabric. 
Next, measure and cut two 4½” wide strips from your third coordinating fabric. You want these strips to run the entire length (not width!) of your fabric, so they’re as long as possible. 
Match up the two strips and pin them so their right sides are together, then use your sewing machine to stitch the short ends together at one side. When you’re done, you should have one long ribbon that’s 4½” wide. 
With right sides matched together, pin and sew the long ribbon of fabric to one of the cactus pieces. As you work, gather the long ribbon to fit around the cactus piece’s corners. When you’ve sewn all the way around, match the ribbon’s end to its beginning, and sew them together. Trim away any excess fabric, if you need to. 
Next, pin and sew the right side of the long ribbon to the right side of the second cactus piece, gathering the ribbon to fit the cactus’ corners, as you did in the previous step. Match up and sew together the ends of the long ribbon where they meet, but leave a 3″ opening. 
Press open your seam allowances and clip them, especially around the pattern’s curves. 
Now, turn your pillow right side out through its 3″ opening. 
Stuff the pillow with Poly-fil® until it’s as soft or firm as you like it! 
Next, hand sew the opening closed. 
To make the fabric flower for your cactus pillow, cut a piece of fabric that’s 23″ x 4″. 
Fold the fabric strip in half lengthwise with its right sides together, then sew the short ends together. Now you have a double-sided strip that’s 23″ x 2″. Clip the corners and turn the strip right side out again. 
With a needle and thread, baste together the raw edges along the strip’s length, then pull on the thread to gather the strip. 
Roll the gathered strip into a flower shape, then hand stitch it in place. 
Almost done! Just place the flower where you’d like it on the cactus and stitch it in place. 

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