Cotton Fabric, Wood Magazine Holder




I’ve always been a magazine junkie. Stacks of them were piled high in my bedroom growing up, I worked at a fashion magazine  for years, and I continue to read them religiously. It was only fitting that I create a stylish way to display my favorite reading material. I wanted a less expensive way to build a magazine rack than the all copper versions that are online, so I replaced the metal poles with wooden dowels and added copper fittings for a little shine. The entire rack came in under $15, which means more money to spend on new magazine subscriptions! Picking out the fabric was this highlight of this DIY. Cotton fabric is perfect for a project like this because it is durable enough to hold a lot of magazines and there is a variety of prints to choose from… you know I can’t resist a good black and white print! Get the how-to in the DIY video below, and find the steps and supplies after the break…



What you need:
6 1/2in wooden dowels that are 12” long
2 1/2in wooden dowels that are 10” long
Cotton fabric
Fabric glue 
8 1/2in copper elbow fittings

What you do:
Step 1: Attach 3 of the long dowels together (as shown in the picture) using the copper fittings. Reinforce them with some E6000. Repeat this step using the last 3 long, wooden dowels.
Step 2: Insert the small wooden dowels into the copper fittings at the bottom of the structures that you previously made. Attach using glue and let dry.
Step 3: Measure the distance between the copper fittings at the top of the structure and cut a piece of cotton fabric that will fit in between the two ends.
Step 4: Crease the sizes of the fabric inward and iron to create a crisp hem. Glue the fabric down using fabric glue.
Step 5: Turn your structure so that the base is facing upward and create a loop around it with the fabric. Glue both ends of the fabric together and let dry.
Step 6: Once dry, flip the structure right side up and slide in your favorite magazines.


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