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Our love affair with hats isn’t limited to bowlers, skimmers, cowboy hats, baseball caps and beanies. We are crazy about visors. Season after season, we’ve been spotting these sun shaders on the runway. Last year, Rag & Bone‘s straw visors were perfect for the beach. This year, Marni‘s bejeweled, wide brimmed visors were sporty and trés chic. And next spring, we’re sure to see Adam Selman‘s scarf wrapped visors on the streets – or at least on Riri. After collecting vintage leather visors for years, Lauren created a easy to follow tutorial so that you, too, could relish in our visor craze. Plus, it makes the perfect accessory for those sunny fall days!

You’ll need:

  • 8 x 11.5″ piece of thick leather (here or here)
  • 2 yards of deerskin leather lacing (here or here)
  • visor template (downloadable here)
  • leather rotary punch
  • X-acto or utility knife
  • fabric shears
  • embroidery needle


Start by printing the template at 100% scale and carefully cut the template out. Trace the two pieces over the backside of the leather with a utility knife. Score the leather lightly without cutting through the material.


With sharp pair of fabric shears, cut out the shapes.


Line up the template over the leather pieces and use the rotary tool to punch out the appropriate holes.


Cut the 2 yards of leather lacing in half. Match the holes from the two pieces together and use the numbers on the template as a guide. Pull one of the laces through the bottom of the middle, larger holes. Bring it back down through the top holes (1).


Adjust the lacing so the leather coming from the middle hole is one inch longer than the one coming out from the top hole. The longer lacing will now be your working piece. Now bring the longer piece through the bottom of the outer holes (2).


Then bring the same piece down through the middle again. Use the need to help push it through if necessary. Bring it up the bottom holes (3) and back down the middle again.


Pull the lacing up the bottom holes (4) and back down the middle. Turn the visor over and tie the two laces together in a single knot.


Thread each lace through each of the two holes of the rectangular leather piece. Repeat the same steps on the other side.


Tie the strings together to fasten and you’re done!


Lauren’s boyfriend Johnny handcrafts the most amazing visors. So if DIYing your own leather visor just isn’t your cup of tea, check out his Etsy store for a selection of incredible handmade visors!


(images by HonestlyWTF)

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