How To Make a Handprint Deco Corkboard

How To Make a Handprint Deco Corkboard



  1. Cut the cork tiles down to 10″ squares using your X-acto blade and a metal ruler.
  2. Use the cut off cork material to make stripes and triangle details where the middle of all four tiles meet. The diagonal stripes hit at the 6″ mark of each side.
  3. Place the 2″ strip on the cork board and mark where you need to cut off the excess. Do this for all four strips.
  4. Next, place a small piece at the point of the square and mark the sides to create a triangle. Cut at the lines with an X-acto blade and a ruler the same as in step one when making the squares.
  5. Tape off the outside corner (opposite the middle where the four tiles meet) with painter’s tape to create a triangle.
  6. Paint the strips of cork, triangles and cork tiles by following the inspiration or make up your own pattern. The cork tends to absorb the paint, so multiple coats will be needed.
  7. Once all the paint is dry, glue the cut pieces of cork to the cork tiles as shown (triangles in the center where they all meet and the stripes just above them).
  8. To create the hand impression, apply white paint evenly on the palm and press firmly onto the middle of each cork tile.

Craft Hack Tips and Tricks:

  • When cutting your cork, make sure to place the ruler on the “good side” of your cork. That way if the knife slips, you are not cutting into the part you will be using.
  • Cut the cork slowly and steadily, use a new sharp blade and be careful at the end so that you don’t break off the edge. To prevent this, you can stop cutting an inch or so from the end and cut in from the other direction.

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