How To Sew No Calorie Donuts


  • Coats Dual Duty XP All-purpose threads- to match
  • Felt sheets, assorted colors brown felt), for donuts (3)
  • Felt sheet, white (frosting)
  • Felt sheet, pink (frosting)
  • Assorted seed & other small beads
  • Polyester fiberfill stuffing
  • Basic sewing supplies


  1. Draw a 4″ diameter circle and center a 1″ circle inside it. Cut out the large circle and the inner circle.
  2. From each brown felt, cut 2 donuts.
  3. From the white and pink felt, cut 3 donuts total.
  4. Trim each frosting with random curved edges 1/4″ to 1/2″ smaller than the donut size.
  5. Pin a frosting on the donut top, aligning the center hole. Using a narrow zigzag and matching thread, sew around the outer frosting edges.
  6. Hand-stitch beads randomly on the frosting as sprinkles
  7. Layer two matching donut shapes wrong sides together, matching raw edges. Using a narrow zigzag and matching thread, sew around the inner hole. Sew around the outer circle, leaving a 1″ (2.54cm) opening.
  8. Using a chopstick or other small tool, stuff the donut firmly, pushing stuffing around the entire circle. Hand- or machine stitch the opening closed.

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